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In 1992, Lifeplus International was founded by Bob Lemon, a pharmacist. The company was founded in the United States by the passion of Bob, who owned a pharmacy at the time, observed the people who visited him every day. He noticed something. The people who came to the pharmacy often needed another treatment, even if their symptoms had improved.

That got Bob thinking.

"If we don't address the root of the problem, won't the body get better? " 

That's when he turned his attention to nutrition.

With each lesson he learned, he became more and more interested in nutritional science, and in the future, nutritional science will be the key to people's overall health and well-being. Bob realized that he would have a role to play.


This idea of Bob's and the health products he was developing at the time were in the eyes of several doctors and pharmacists. And Lifeplus was created by a few people with a common intention.

The highest quality supplements in the world


Many people in United States may not know about it, but it's actually quite famous in the supplement industry.

I didn't know for a long time that I myself, who runs this site, had never heard of it until now, but I was really My search for a "good top quality supplement" led me to this Lifeplus.

Of course I use Lifeplus supplements every day to maintain my health.

The product I order from Autoship every month is called "Daily Baio Basics" this product is seriously "great !!". That's one word for it. I drink it every morning and night without fail every day to keep my nutrition in balance and always in good spirits.

I'm a owner chef of a restaurant, so I'm always working from morning until midnight.

On busy days, I don't have time to eat a leisurely meal. I make what I can easily make and eat it quickly. There are plenty of ingredients around, but in reality, it's not what it seems. Customers are supposed to sit at a table and eat their meals, but in the kitchen, we are busy, and it's not as easy as it seems. I don't have time to eat.

This "Daily Baio Basics" is a must for me. It's great for busy business people, busy mothers with housekeeping and childcare responsibilities, and those who can't afford to eat enough. It's also great for people who are constipated because it has good bowel movements.


Daily Baio Basics

This is a picture of the actual product.

The "Daily BioBasics".


Of course, there are plenty of nutritional supplements that provide this kind of total balance. Anyway, the quality of this company is great. I'm not saying that other companies' products are bad, I'm just saying that this company's products are so great !!


I used to use other companies' products, but since I started using this Lifeplus product, this is all I've been doing.


I take it twice daily, morning and night, and it runs out in just about a month, so I have it on automatic delivery. (An autoship setting called ASAP registration.)

Business Policy of LIFEPLUS


The Lifeplus products can be purchased by registering as a member on the official website. There are No registration fees, No monthly or annual fees for members, and No need to waste money other than to purchase products. Lifeplus is not focused on making money, it is a solid business that focuses on its products.


You can introduce this great product of Lifeplus to someone and they will become a member and If they buy in the same way, you will receive a bonus from Lifeplus. This is called MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), a form of business. Lifeplus calls it referral marketing.

MLM is a good marketing mechanism but there is a problem, too. It's about people cheating others for their own sales. So, many people want to cover their ears when they hear the word MLM. The same thing has happened before with Lifeplus in Japan. But this is not what Lifeplus wanted. It's the opposite.


I was impressed by this policy of Lifeplus.

I believe that the quality of the products comes from this kind of company's attitude.



So, Lifeplus has firstly deleted all accounts of those who are doing so.


Because if they were used for money making, it would be bad for our members who genuinely love Lifeplus products. And we can't buy a lot of products unnecessarily. We can't buy more than we have for my family. In other words, even if we wanted to have inventory, we couldn't have it.


Also, there is no such thing as a low price for being a member. If you are not a member, you can't buy the item anyway, so the selling price is the member's price. This makes the act of resale meaningless. There is no profit to be made by reselling them.


I don't know why when we search the Internet, there are sites that are selling Lifeplus products, but if you want to buy it, you should buy it directly from the Lifeplus website.

(Once you register as a member, you can have your own Lifeplus website.)


As I mentioned earlier, there are no member registration fees or membership fees, so anyone can buy it on their own. If you go through the a third party, there is a possibility that you are being cheated. You don't need to do that. It's exactly the same as shopping on Amazon.


Lifeplus genuinely wants to take care of the people who love this wonderful products. 

This is a company that is committed to helping you to improve your health and immunity.
Lifeplus is working hard day and night to help you do so.


I was impressed by this policy of Lifeplus.

I believe that the quality of the products comes from this kind of company's attitude.

distribution system

Most companies that have chosen to use MLMs, not just Lifeplus, these companies directly selling from company to member. They don't advertise by using TV star or in magazines, but by feedback from members to prospects for promote their business.


In the normal system of distribution, the profits are added to each company because they go through a middleman. And since there are no members, they have to spend a lot of money promoting it to get someone to buy it. So all of those costs are riding on the cost of the product. 


So if there are products sold for the same amount of money, the products of the company that sells directly to you are usually of much higher quality than the products of the company that sells not directly to you.

Attractiveness as a business


People's lives have been forced to change due to the effects of COVID-19. There's a chance that another funny virus could be going around in the future, and we're going to be able to make an income, especially by online. We need to establish it.


So how would you get your income online?  That's what you need to think about.

Unless you have special skills like programming or video editing, but if you don't, you're limited in what you can do online.


Those who used to work instead of online that will be forced to work by online from now. So what do you think those people will be doing? Yes, there is only MLM.


◆ Stocks, FX & any financial services:You need big money and experience to make money.

◆ Youtubers:If you don't have video editing and marketing skills, you can't make money.

◆ Resale:All unsold items become inventory and require an initial investment.

◆ Online Instructors:Those who are making money from it are not visiting this site now.

◆ Auction sites:inventory risk, purchasing from overseas is already a high risk.


As you can see, There are many high risk to do your work online. So what about Lifeplus ?


◆ There is no risk of holding inventory.

◆ There are no registration fees and no membership fees.

◆ There are no meetings among members.

◆ Do not need to rent office or warehouse space.

◆ No initial investment.

◆ Just need PC & Internet.

◆ Once the website is created, it can be completed online.

◆ Members won't leave because of the high quality products.

◆ There's no need to set your sights on someone and ask them out in the beginning.


That's what I mean.

In fact, I haven't invited anyone in particular to join me either. If someone looks at this website and is interested in a product, they can sign up as a member themselves and purchase it.


If you need money in the immediate future, this is not the right choice for you.  There is no such thing as an immediate success in any business. Your daily efforts will be reflected in the form of money.


In other words, if you understand that it takes some time to be successful, you'll understand that it's important to get in and take action as soon as possible.

Customer support


Lifeplus customer support is very helpful. (This is very rare in the US.)  Customer support