What is health !?

Hi everyone. I'm Jimotti, the administrator of this site! This blog is not only about Lifeplus products and business, it's also about life, money and overseas life because I'm from Japan. I would like to write about various things in my life, such as Thank you for your support.


So, what do you think "health" is ?   A body that's not sick ?


That may be true. But I don't think that's the only right answer. I think health is largely a part of the mental health. Isn't it ?


Even though you're young and there's nothing physically wrong with you, all you do is stress at school and at work, and you get depressed. There are a lot of people who have, right? Such people are far from healthy.


When it comes to the mental part of your mind, it's important to develop the courage to challenge, not just run away.


In order to solve a problem, you need to know when to confront it and when to avoid it. But that takes a certain amount of life experience, of course. If you feel that you are not yet at your best, you should always consult with someone you trust, and Please. It's a lot easier to just talk about it.


As you grow up and work, get married and have children, you'll find that the stress of Most of the time, it's money. Money is the reason why couples fight, or money is the reason why they can't let their kids do what they want to do...


No one wants that to happen, but the reality is that it's pretty harsh. I understand it well.


So what can you do to get rid of that money stress? It's about fixing the cause. This is the only way to do it. If you're struggling for money, there's no other way to solve the problem except to make more money than you are now.


Lifeplus is a business that has no initial investment and is truly free to start. And it can be completed online. Is there any other business like this ?


Moreover, take supplements for yourself. You give your honest feedback on your health. That's all there is to it. This is a great thing !!

There is no need to rush. Go at your own pace. But always be aware of it in your head. This will change your actions and results.


The first thing you need to do is to imagine yourself three or five years from now.
Please envision what you want to be in the future.


Do you think you will be healthy and happy in that time ?