Supplement, My recommendation !!

Hi everyone. I'm Jimotti, the administrator of this site! This blog is not only about Lifeplus products and business, it's also about life, money and overseas life because I'm from Japan. I would like to write about various things in my life, such as Thank you for your support.


Now, let's talk about my favorite supplement.


It is, of course, Dairy BioBasics.


The link above has a detailed product description in English, and this is really great product !!


I have featured this product on my website, but basically I think it's enough in total health support for me to use one of this products.

The rest of the time I use additional products that I can pinpoint depending on the severity of my symptoms.


Let me explain this. I played rugby when I was at school and got hurt a lot during that time. That's why my joints are so sore. So I also take Joint Formula, which helps my joints.


Lifeplus has products for each purpose, so please check out the products by yourself. It's fun in itself. 


Incidentally, this is also very good for people on a diet.


You should eat mainly vegetables and fish, and try to eat meat that is low in fat, such as good chicken breast or lean beef.


Of course, you need to get some exercise, but when you do, you get a craving for food.

This Daily BioBasics is a great way to fill up your stomach with a drink anyway.

And yet, it's nutritionally balanced and doesn't cause constipation or other problem.


This is really a highly recommended product and you should try it !!