Stress is our biggest enemy.

Hi everyone. I'm Jimotti, the administrator of this site! This blog is not only about Lifeplus products and business, it's also about life, money and overseas life because I'm from Japan. I would like to write about various things in my life, such as Thank you for your support.


Today, I'd like to write about STRESS.


I posted about urticaria a few days ago. It is (probably) due to excessive sun exposure.

And this sunburn must have been quite a burden (stress) for my body.

It was like a minor burn, so it must have been quite stressful for me.


I tried to take care of myself by taking a water shower and staying in a cool place as much as possible, but my body is smart and reacts to the stress on its own.


This time it came out in the form of urticaria, but I've also had shingles due to stress in the past. And some people have alopecia areata, or gain or lose weight.


Stress can really cause a variety of diseases.


Moreover, it is felt differently by people, and sometimes it causes some physical symptoms, and sometimes it can even cause mental illness in some people.


I personally believe that stress is usually released through moderate exercise.


Light exercise will increase your good bacteria, make you hungry and give you an appetite. You'll feel more mentally upbeat and you'll sleep better at night.


In summer season now so please make sure to prevent dehydration and sunburn. 

Also try to get some light exercise.


Let's try to live as stress-free as possible !!