Direct Selling

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I'd like to talk about direct selling today.


I have already mentioned the distribution system on the website, but I would like to review it again here.


There are many companies whose job is to make and sell things. However, no matter how great the product is made in the factory, it is not recognized by the public. If you don't know it, no one will buy it. Then you can't make a business out of it. So, what basically do is to ask specialized wholesalers who handle a lot of customers to handle our products. Also, we advertise through the medium of television and magazines. By doing so, we can sell our products in the eyes of many people.


However, since various third parties will be in between while it reaches the buyer, it is normal for each of them to have profit their own. That's what each company does, after all. In other words, the more companies in between, the more money they spend, and the more money the buyer also spending to buy products.


On another hand, direct sales is a way to manage the products made in the factory and deliver them directly to the buyer.


In other words, there is no third party company in between. Therefore, the amount of money added to the manufacturing cost is also small. And since there is no advertising cost, the money can be used for product development and high quality products.


But on the other hand, they don't advertise in famous media, so they have to do something to raise awareness.You can't do that.  So, make it a membership system and use word of mouth from members as a sales activity. Company is paid as a reward to members.


Lifeplus is a company that takes this direct sales format. This means that they are able to produce very high quality supplements at a low price.


Some people don't like this kind of business, but the only real difference is this.


We've brought this up because it's important for those who deal with products to understand this as well.

Word of mouth is, in other words, the possibility of different things being said depending on the interpretation of the individual.

So please remember that the people who tell people about it must try not to create strange misunderstandings!