Foods and Supplements

Hi everyone. I'm Jimotti, the administrator of this site! This blog is not only about Lifeplus products and business, it's also about life, money and overseas life because I'm from Japan. I would like to write about various things in my life, such as Thank you for your support.


This time, let's talk about food.


Most people probably understand that food is very important.


However, if we work at a company or are busy with housework and childcare, we don't have the time to spend on cooking and we don't have time to do it. So we tend to make it easy. (Especially lunch.)


Also, if you are trying to eat healthy, you have to look for organic ingredients, and those ingredients are a bit expensive to begin with. If you have to spend money on groceries every single time while you have to pay for many other things, your life itself will be impossible. 


Lifeplus supplements are the best choice for these modern people.


Lifeplus supplements are made from all natural, additive-free ingredients.

This means that they are safe for the whole family to use, from the youngest to the oldest.


In addition, supplements are nutritional support and are not drugs at all.


Supplements are intended to supplement the nutrients that we are lacking or that are difficult to take in through diet alone.


Signing up for ASAP (automatic delivery on a fixed date each month) eliminates the hassle of making a purchase. And it's at a discounted price, so it's an absolute steal! (You can change or stop at any time!)


The Daily BioBasics is an absolute ace in the hole for Lifeplus.

Why not introduce it for you and your family's health?


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